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Graham's Charlotte Book Launch

Thursday April 17, 7:00pm-9:00pm

Best Of The Underground

Friday April 18, 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Tongue in Chic

Saturday April 19, 10:00am-12:00pm

Pierce to the Soul

Saturday April 19, 7:30pm-10:00pm

American Pothead: Chris Paugh 

Saturday April 19, 11:30pm-2:00am

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Gallery Night Series




The Simulacra Fayum Chronicles by Stephanie E. Steele - NOW SHOWING!

April 2014

Stephanie Steele's first solo exhibition in three years features a series of portraits and body figures that capture the human image in a moment of transition or transformation. The images capture the possibility of sudden loss - how quickly can our identities be wiped or washed away?

In addition to the artwork, Stephanie Steele is preparing some of the artifacts of her creative process to showcase as well.

Please join us for a gallery reception on Sunday April 6, or see the artwork throughout the month of April.


Pinchflat: A Bike Poster Blowout!

May 2014, National Bike Month

Join us for the fourth annual Pinchflat bike poster show, where we feature freshly designed posters by central Ohio artists. Our event on Saturday, May 3 celebrates this intersection between cycling and art with food, music, participatory opportunities, kid's activities, and a bike ride. Pinchflat is a partnership between many local businesses and organizations, including Wild Goose Creative, Yay Bikes!, Paradise Garage, Homeport, BikeOSU, and Jeremy Slagle Design.


Exhibition of works by and inspired by James Thurber

June 2014

A collaboration between Wild Goose Creative and the Thurber House in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Thurber House programs. Visit this website again soon for more information.


Artistic responses to Patti Smith and her music, curated by Vanessa Jean Speckman

July 2014

Visit this website again soon for more information.


Monster ABC series by Sage Perrott

August 2014

Check this link for more information about Sage and her creative work.


SEARCH: A Generative Exploration of Risk and Comfort 

September 2014

An examination of the play between intimate familiarity and constant curiosity over the process of an artist's life.

This exhibit is a collaboration between Molly Ryan, a young photographer exploring her roots, and her grandmother Ardyse Mund a printmaker who is using this show to take risks in order to branch out. The artists' work reflects on the process of aging, the questions we ask, and the risks we take because of the passage of time.


Artifacts of Creative Action, a collaboratively created map 

October 2014

Centered on 2491 Summit Street and radiating outwards, a giant map on the WGC gallery wall will attempt to chronicle all the remnants of artistic, creative, or community action in our pocket of Columbus. It will be crafted over the course of a summer of walks, conversations, photographs, and stories. Leading this playful cartography project is Jessie Glover Boettcher, WGC's artistic director. During the month of October the map will be interactive - guests at Wild Goose Creative will be invited to add a pin to the map marking a story or experience of their own, or an idea about the possiblities they see for a particular spot on the map.

Interested in talking a walk to contribute to the map? Contact Jessie to schedule a walk.


Accessible Expressions, a traveling art show curated by VSA Ohio

November and December 2014

For the second year in a row, Wild Goose Creative is proud to partner with VSA Ohio, an organization that is dedicated to connecting people with disabilities to great arts opportunities and experiences. The Accessible Expressions show is an annual show for artists of all ages and disabilities.


Paper sculpture by Sarah Fulmer

December 2014

Sarah will deck WGC's walls with resourceful and crafty paper sculptures made from the colorful pages of (614) Magazine.




At Wild Goose Creative we love to feature artwork that tells a story. Our gallery wall features work by emerging and established local artists working in all kinds of visual art mediums. More often than not the artwork involves a collaboration, a surprising project, or the personal story of the artist.

Gallery Night: an opportunity to meet the artist and celebrate his or her work. Sometimes we include a Q&A session with the artist. It's always a good time with food to enjoy. Days of the month vary - check the links below for the upcoming dates. The artwork is displayed at Wild Goose Creative throughout the month. Contact us for more information on Gallery Night.

2013 Gallery Season
January: Geographic II: Artwork by Hilary Hilario
February: Bummer Valentines by Vanessa Jean Speckman
March: Textured Perspective: A Farmland Series by Kellie Gedert 
April: Panels in Pink: A Celebration of Female Comics Creators
May: Pinchflat: A Bike Poster Blowout 
June: Brandon Ballog's Censored Walls
July: I See the Sounds, I Hear the Colors by Jill Raymundo and Jacoti Sommes (watch this space for information on the Boombox Parade, scheduled for Saturday July 6 at 5pm!)
August: Accessible Expressions Ohio, a touring exhibition coordinated by VSA Ohio
September: Rebecca Schaub
October: Remnants by Nicole Crock 
November: Truth in Print: A Series by Elizabeth Dekker
December: Group show - HomeMade curated by Nicole Crock

Previously in 2014:

#instacalendar by Carl McKinney - March 2014 

Columbus photographer Carl McKinney spent 2013 documenting his life with an Instagram photo each day, and he crafted a calendar project complete with hashtag. During the project, he pushed himself to funnel his life experiences through a filter, hone the aesthetic of the project, and connect with his community through the calendar. You can see a full year of the project - 365 images - and snap your own #instacalendar image on March 1 during Gallery Night. More details can be found here. Or - you can come see the work during the whole month of March.

 If you would like more information or would like to be involved, contact us. Plans are now underway for the 2015 gallery season!


Our 2012-13 gallery season was made possible in part by a generous grant from The Greater Columbus Arts Council.